About us

We created a methodology that allows you to lead, manage and analyze the creative process in business.

We are the human team that gives life to the Cyclical Branding® methodology, which is a disjunctive learning process, which works the traceability of project leadership and evaluation of business design growth based on the principles of experience design and disruptive innovation design.

This method has been conceptualized, designed and tested by the brandcelona® team in more than 1,000 projects since 2006.

We design businesses.

Main idea

Why is different work with us?

Our founder, Marc Guitart, decided to show in a tangible way the development of design for people who are alien to this process. We work with a clear idea “design as a tool of value to develop business” from it, we create our programs and execute each program linked to this idea.

We design and grow businesses.


Marc Guitart

Ceo & Founder

Cristian Ángel

Cyclical Digital Expert

Our team

We train and work with #gamechangers.

Through these 8 phases, the #beagamechangers team and participants have to demonstrate their ability to contrast information and interpret it creatively, develop innovative, differentiating and memorable solutions, evaluate their similar case studies, make their projects viable and present their solutions in an attractive way.

Our Clients

They trust and work with our methodology.