Let's go to Barcelona!

Mediterranean, warm and trend setting. As a result of the good climate and the social life in the streets, every business integrates into the public space. The retail project starts in the street and pampers every single detail that has influence over the decision of entering a store. The commercial landscape conveys the personality of the city facades, outdoor signage and shop windows that are committed to trends, creativity and a unique style.


Barcelona's lifestye

One of the greatest lessons that we can learn about how Barcelona has positioned itself as a leader in design is watching how its citizens and commerces have promoted it beyond its frontiers. This way of doing, and transmitting it, has generated the perfect vibe for the city to become an attractive area for creation, design and innovation. All this combined with the influence of the Mediterranean culture, the cosmopolitanism citizenship and its diversified offer of leisure and culture has made the city a brand and its visit an experience.

Academic experience

The Barcelona Virtual Academic Field Trip  will enable you to live the Mediterranean style in a city that opens its doors to discover a young and entrepreneurial spirit.

Training experience

Our experiences determine our personal brand and define where we come from and where we want to go. This is our essence: different cultures and talents that converge in the same space to merge knowledge, providing a global and local way of thinking to each and every one of our clients.

Case study

Smart cities’ design

Designing brands for smart cities. We transform the percepcion of the construction sector based on new technologies.

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