Strategic training in branding for businesses

360º trainings that allow to interpret design as a value tool in the business design environment.

The Cyclical Branding® is a methodology that was created by brandcelona® in order to give answer to the innovative and efficient development that brands from the 21st century demand. In brandcelona® we work on a daily basis with this methodology for our clients.

‘We bet on the creation of an innovative model, which develops from start to finish brand design and brand control. It is our cornerstone for development and it was created and tested as a guide or as an audit model for any brand from any sector’ brandcelona® team

What is?

Cyclical Branding

The Cyclical Branding® is a management tool, that is put into practice gradually and constantly with the aim of fostering business evolution and development. This logical process of corporate transformation enables us to establish work processes that are viable and lasting, and to promote businesses from the 21st century, creating memorable user experiences.

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What you can expect learning these method?

Project leadership

Thanks to our method we can offer an approach where leadership is the premise to carry out the production of any project. Thanks to our innovation tools, we form strategic leaders capable of solving the diverse scenarios that a brand may face.

Project Management

We offer a clear, solid and relevant view of project management. We believe that management is the way to carry out projects that cause a real impact, for this, we have a method which makes tangible the vision of the design within a coherent process that allows to visualize the development.

Strategic vision

We implement a strategic vision within each project that we initiate, thereby establishing a global strategy embodied in time and approved by physical resources, finite and real. We make the people who are part of this process see exemplified the process of evolution.

Emotional intelligence

We believe in people as the pillar from which brands are built, for this, in every training or implementation we do, people are an essential focus because they are the ones who should be the most important resource of a company and for which they can exist and be competitive.

We build the vision and bases of branding focused as a methodological tool of value"


Think. Manage. Lead.


Cyclical Attendance

5 days to understand the general approach of design in the business world.

Format: Full time

Location: London, Barcelona or Madrid

Language: English or Spanish

Duration: 5 Days

This is an opportunity to get to know the design approach in the business world with a real impact that allows us to understand in a coherent way how to structure a business model, linked between the business vision and the communication vision.


Cyclical Manager

We face the projection of project management seen as a process of leadership and strategic vision.

Format: 8 Modules (3 Barcelona,3 Berlín y 2 London)

Location: Barcelona, Berlín and London

Language: English or Spanish

Duration: 6 Months

Cyclical Manager’s certification allows us to understand the management approach of the design sector in the business world. To this end, the program offers a strategic vision that allows for an internal understanding of project management.


Cyclical Leader

The basis of project leadership is focused on a clear and coherent process that allows to evolve.

Format: 12 Modules (4 Barcelona, 4 Berlín, 4  London)

Location: Barcelona, Berlín & London.

Language: English or Spanish

Duration: 1 year

Creating real links between objectives and results is achieved thanks to a process and a global vision that allows us to understand the development of a project analysing its evolution, showing real results.

Our programs

Our programs are the perfect combination to understand the new businesses' paradox.

We offer a process that provides a different, innovative and real vision that gives the opportunity to understand the point of view of design as a valuable tool for business.


Cyclical Expert

Marc Guitart

Ceo & Founder


Cyclical Expert

Cristian Ángel

Cyclical Digital Expert


Case studies

Case study

Design for safety​

From product to experience. The new way to understand the security sector. Discover the new trend about how blend business vision and the design as a method.

Case study

Smart cities’ design

Designing brands for smart cities. We transform the percepcion of the construction sector based on new technologies.