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Safety in motion

New vision in security

Safety in motion asked brandcelona® to develop a whole new concept about there security sector. There aim was to transform all the security industry that they own to the 21st century security model.

Safety in motion is divided into two sub categories which are Inn solutions and plannea. They have achieved to put foot in 43 locations all over Spain.

This makes them the first trustworthy security company that provides a connection that brandcelona has established for them which are the analytic part of the brain which will explain to the clients about the products and let them experience them in a different way than the competitors, and the second part which is the emotional part of the brain which talks about how Safety in motion offers security protection to its clients.

Safety in motion means innovation in the security sector.

This security company is not a regular one, when it comes to security we all tend to think of it as boring aspect that we should adapt, however Safety in motion won the award for the best security franchise in Spain by El Suplemento.

Maldonado which is a security company, partner of Safety in motion, and that was redesigned by brandcelona®, opened its first store in 1979, from 1992 to 2018 had a % of growth in sales equal to (7,5Millions-700Thousand): 7,5 = 1114%.

This calculation shows the evolution that Maldonado did once brandcelona® redesigned its vision and mision and what it has to offer to its clients. Moreover last year till now they have a growth of 19%.

Project overview

These were the guidelines given by INN to design their business strategy.

brandcelona® basic idea was to design a “mother brand” called Safety in motion that would take care of two sub brands, Security point to promote the creation of spaces, and INN solutions to develop products strategically conceived. All this due to the needs in the security field that the current society has and to the new technologies of the 21st century evolution.

INN solutions is more than a product, it is a selling scenario, a training plan, it is the feeling that we can create a new future and participate actively in the development of our protection and tranquility. Brand development. Strategic identity. Corporate applications. 

Strategic brand management. Retail: interior design and furniture design. Product and packaging design. Brand coaching. Retail tour.

Safety and comfort systems in spaces have been gaining weight in the construction field not only for the protection of access by outsiders to the property, but also to optimize the ease of access by authorized persons. In addition Safety in motion has different security companies accross Spain that implement the vision, and that take care of them as well. 43 Security companies fall under Safety in motion approach of the security business.

Outline of design solution

P.b = (C.E + R.K) * A.p

P.b: Personal bonus

C.E: Cost effectivness

R.K: Responsibility knowledge

A.p: Attitude proactivity

In this case a brand dedicated to Security sector must be balanced by creating comfortable and safe spaces and by making it evident through exhibition spaces where the user can obtain more information about the versatility of these systems, and thats what we were able to build for them.

In this way, Safety in motion can build a strong, personal and an emotional link with consumers through all communications.

Safety in motion wanted us to follow a formula in order to increase their revenue:

P.b = (C.E + R.K) * A.p

P.b: Personal bonus, C.E: Cost effectivness, R.K: Responsibility knowledge, A.p: Attitude proactivity

This formula helps to calculate how to improve the attitude and proactivity to improve in the future.

Brand promise

This brand is all about safety, comfort, and security, which will allow you to feel the state where you will be free from danger or threat.


The name Safety in motion talks about the personal relation with the brand and then with the product. It is based on the evolution of the security sector in the 21st century and the motion represents the change of point of view of the security industry and how it is growing. To conclude, the name symbolizes protection, tranquility and also highlights the importance to live on a safe environment.

Typography and color

The visual assets of a brand are designed to communicate its promise of innovation in the security sector and the safety that it has to give to its user. Both, the color and typography really show who you are as a company, it gives a bit more of backing to your identity and attitude and in the case of Safety in motion, the main name is in black, however for the educational sector about security the brand name is in blue, why is that? Because blue symbolizes the different aspects that the brand has to offer and expresses the innovation of this brand in the technology, and the evolution it has to offer to the users in terms of security.

The typography of the brand is written in this way because its a similar to a handwriting, meaning we can relate it to something personalized and communicate the emotions of the options that the brand has to offer.

"There aim was to transform all the security industry that they own to the 21st century security model "

Visual assets

Safety in motion concept is more then just a logo.

We implemented several steps from our Cyclical Branding® concept in our strategy while, the CB® approaches an evolutionary management process that must be feed updated and adapted to the new vision of the every day users and if the Cyclical Branding® is well implemented it will last on the long run.

The Cyclical Branding® includes the starting point which is the core and it’s the brand. The strategic management module which will help us to analyze the long and short-term goals of the brand. The application method which is a visual management module and all the graphics and messages are transmitted in this part. The retail concept where the strategic experience take place. The product which is base on the material management module and is the evidence of a lived experience. The packaging sector which is a sort of container that channels a philosophy a history and the brand values of the brand. Then follows the coaching part which is a human resource management module that group the people working together towards the same goal. Finally last part of the Cyclical Branding® is the growth management module which is known under the name of auditing.

The main thing that a brand should consider and put in mind is that being impressive, different and unique is a consequence of work, constance and coherence and it’s not only a matter of talent.

Summary of results

Safety in motion is the first trusted company in the security sector in Spain. It has always managed to be on top of its competitors because of the promise they offer to their clients and product experience given to a large audience.

Much of this incredible success and improvement of market share is done because of brandcelona´s help and the implementation of innovation that they have applied through out the time in order to succeed in the market.

Many of the incredibles results are confidential due to the customers request, but of those that can be shared, Safety in motion has achieved the following through out the years for instance after brandcelona® branded and implemented the CB® method on Maldonado which is one of Safety in motion company´s they trained their team by allowing each one of them to specialize and focus on different areas of knowledge depending on the role they have on each brand experience wich attracted more customers and raised the input to 214 thousand per employee which sums a up a total of 7,5 million euros in 2018.

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