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1845 is where everything started for the pharmacy sector in Spain. In that time, the Spanish people introduce the pharmacy industry in university programs.

During the last 50 years, spanish pharmacies have experienced a profound change parallel to that undergone by society itself. So, the number of community pharmacies has risen to reach the figure of 21,057 that there are today.

This evolution has also meant that 98.9% of the population has a pharmacy in their own town or village, thanks to geographical and demographic criteria. 25 Pharmacies from different regions in Spain have reached out to brandcelona® and brandrid® after seeing the work and changed done to the two iconic pharmacies that took enormous market share. brandcelona®  and brandrid® rebranded all the concept of the Pharmacy Boulevard and Pharmacy Ibañez. As soon as a client enters one of their pharmacies, they get to experience a new world.

The two iconical pharmacies of Spain are managed under our method

Back then the industry just started the implementation and concept according to the restrictions of that era. However, brandcelona® decided to break the rules for the pharmacies that they have worked for starting with these two iconic ones that had a huge impact in Spain and are considered the best.

brandcelona® and brandrid® have implemented the Cyclical Branding®approach and have achieved to change the way pharmacies used to be by looking to the future needs of clients.

Outline project

Since the creation of old drugstores, the business model of pharmacies has been focused on dispensing prescripted medicines as well as other products related to health, hygiene and beauty science based.

Users still felt the urge to visit pharmacies to be pampered by professional advisors who guide clients towards a product based on their illness or needs.

The problem of that moment was that those spaces tended to look more like a supermarket than a friendly space for advice, seeking help and personalized customer care. Depersonalization was taking over the spaces so, many users visiting the drugstore and buying certain products felt the sensation of an unfriendly space or as a confusing store where all products were exposed, which led them to go in the drugstore and spend a maximum of 5 mins, because clients weren’t confortable being in this kind of spaces.

When brandcelona® and brandrid® analyzed this problem, this marked a strong point on what was happening which was the need to stop all of this old concept and, to solve the problem, they decided that an improvement of the user experience in the space should become a necessity for the chemist, who values that through the integration of methodologies of brand experience that brandcelona® and brandrid® can offer to them, the lost distance with the users can be recovered. 

Not only that, but areas can be created based on professional information, private advising areas, as well as processes that will become more efficient, clean and safe.

The first implementation of this approaches was done for Pharmacy Ibanez andPharmacy Boulevard. However brandcelona® kept in mind that each one of them had a different identity and vision, meaning that the implementation of the CB approach was different.

"brandcelona® rebranded all the concept of the Pharmacy Ibáñez”

Key objectives of the brand


The challenge given when working with Ibañez was

to change the paradigm, meaning the reality that people tend to see in other pharmacies, in addition to the way the environment that the pharmacy was already built on. So, this is why brandcelona® decided to create a more personalized concept where the enviroment is more intimate. Ibañez wanted also technology to get involved in the transformation and in the rebranding of the place, so smart devices such as robots where brought to the pharmacy to make the life of the staff easier. In this case the robots would be in charge to bring the medical drugs to the specialist in order for them to focus on the clients and to have a more intimate time with them. Finally the space of the pharmacy needed a rebranding to develop a space with a look more like a profesional area.    

Key objectives of the brand


José Ibáñez wanted to use all his experience and knowledge as a pharmacist and develop with the help of Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management in brandcelona®, a space dedicated to health and wellness adapted to new trends and the needs of its users.

More than 500m2 of space were conceived to establish different areas that divide product categories and their uses. Thus, one can distinguish quickly and clearly the ‘beauty bar’ dedicated to professional cosmetic dermatology, the ‘show desk’ to display products, the natural point for chemical-free products, a laboratory in which to create magistral formulas, an innovative personalized cash point, an educational and discussion room, and a private consulting room. Ibáñez invested a lot in how brandcelona® should develop the employers experience design. Staff are supported by a ‘back-office where 2 robots manage all orders preventing physical contamination of products, the staff, has8 sale’s points of attention, so the pharmacist can give a professional advise to the client about the propose of the medicine and may explain other complimentary treatments or preventions for other future occasions.

The brand has an online e-commerce support and a social media platforms that create new ways to interact with users in a nourished and participative way, responding to their needs and offering their advice on health and products.

"brandrid® rebranded all the concept of the Pharmacy Boulevard”

Key objectives of the brand


In order to enrich the user experience, Boulevard decided to translate its presence into the world 2.0 so they asked brandrid® to develop a concept of Instant Pharmacy ™, a service, which allows the users to place their orders through an app, choosing the pick-up time at the pharmacy, thus eliminating the annoying waiting lines and improving the shopping process.

In addition, they asked brandrid® to design everything for them from scratch, meaning the retail store, the strategic identiy of the brand, the application, the customer experience, the packaging and the coaching part of the process.

Key objectives of the brand


brandrid® has achieved to meet the goals of an ideal pharmacy for Pharmacy Boulevard, which is the first pharmacy in Madrid to adapt the innovation concept and rules.

Through a rigorous conceptualization process of the Boulevard brand and its corporate strategy, Boulevard’s values are translated into the space through the SoftPharmacy ™ service (BoulevardSkinSpa ™, BoulevardClass ™ and BoulevardLab ™) generating an efficient and optimal route for the customers, which pivots around the SkinSpa table of experiences, the pharmacy’s wow effect . This new pharmacy style invites users to a happy, healthy and beautifull lifestyle, in accordance with Boulevard ‘s philosophy: engaging into the best care through a human and professional treatment and offering a high quality customer service.

To conclude, Boulevard Pharmacy became a space dedicated to the individual’s experience, based on innovation and development of user’s priority aspects: health, beauty and wellness.

Results' summary

After this achievements many pharmacies called brandcelona® and brandrid® to rebrand or start from scratch their concept, however brancelona® treats every project in a different way, they adapt the same methodology but in another approach.

brandcelona® and brandrid® have an amazing disruptive team that tackle the problems and challenges them in a unusual way, which makes them ahead than their competitors in this sector due to the registered methodologies that not every other agencies apply.

Audience recognition

The launch of Boulevard and rebranding of Ibañez successfully changed visitor’s perception about pharmacies, their profit and market share increased immediatly after applying the CB® method. It took a total of 3 months more or less.

The new visual identities and the brands new missions transformed these two pharmacies into contemporary, modern and futuristic organizations. The new branding is more accessible for audiences, and employees.

Branding same organizations tend to be a challenging situation since everything should be different than the other competitors specially that brandcelona® has a big number of pharmacy to brand which makes it a bit exciting to use the methodology of the CB® but in different organizations of the same field.

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