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Tradition, quality and innovation are Breinco constant features since the last 40 years that they have been in the market. They have got experience, technical bases and innovation capacity to improve the research process and to develop new products. New challenges that strength our nature its what they are always aiming at. Breinco comes from Catalonia and it’s a family business with international repercussions. Founded in 1984 in the construction sector, with a main aim in production of prefabricated products.

In the 2000s, Breinco faced a problem of social impact in environmental media. This event marked a point of inflection in which Ángel Sitjá, CEO and founder of Breinco reached out to brandcelona® in order to offer a solid solution to help Breinco face the situation that was happening.

The impact of brandcelona® as a business design consultancy firm was to put a strategic vision to the work and knowledge of the company. Not only allows Breinco to make a qualitative leap in communication and positioning in the market, but also causes an expansion in business areas adding a single concept: Breinco Landscaping; this helped, in a favorable economic context, to enter a sector of increasing public works.

Tradition, quality and innovation are Breinco constant features since the last 40 years.

Due to the gradual growth over the years, brandcelona® realized that this strategy was becoming popular and it was not giving a distinctive value. Thanks to that, a need of another vision and impulse of the illusion was seen, approaching Breinco to a new goal. 

A new concept was born, Breinco Bluefuture further enhancing the company’s environmental awareness and commitment, adding and contributing efforts in production technology; brandcelona’s  paper is to develop a strategy that allows the coherent way to transform all this information into communication.


Breinco has a trade, a technical base and the innovation capacity to evolve the research process and develop new products. A staff of 90 workers with the aim to provide high quality products, good customer service, complete deliveries and on time and adequate and free technical advice.

brandcelona® helped through the CB® method to inspire Breinco’s vision and to manage the variations of products that they have.

Project overview

The company started in 2000 and contacted brandcelona® after that to help it shape it’s business and branding direction.

Breinco started like every company with a concrete mindset. In order to differentiate them from others, brandcelona® adapted the Landscaping approach to let Breinco overcome their competitors. After adapting this approach, brandcelona® achieved to increase the revenues of Breinco 3/5 more because they are selling wellness to their customers now, and have a new method which Breinco cycle.

Breinco Cycle Respect for the environment and sustainable development are the main values and objectives in which Breinco is based on to create the Eco-logic® product line. Some of the values of this line are the ability to decontaminate the city’s air and the use of recycled materials for the manufacture of the products, with the corresponding reuse and recycling. Breinco’s objective is that no environmental damage occurs as a result of its activities and policies are being carried out to ensure that all their operations are within of the requirements of the legislation 
and best applicable practice.

Cyclical Branding® approach was the way to breinco evolve in a smart brand.

In 2008 a crisis occurred in Spain and all of the industry of construction dropped down. However Breinco survived this crisis and that’s thanks to selling experience to the clients. In addition, they have shifted their segment to a larger one, wich is now the government sector and houses. After the crisis, Breinco had to implement something new to stay on the top, so brandcelona® decided to go to Bluefuture (which means that everything that they produce issustainable, manufacturing products that are ecofriendly with nature).

Bluefuture lasted from 2009 till 2015. After that a new concept came alive which is Breincosmart, implementing the CB® approach was pretty challenging since they were a lot of industries in this sector, however Breinco was still the first one ahead. Breincosmart consists of converting the Co2 into O2. It’s a new way to innovate products with a smart vision.

"Origame, interaction in the space"

Perception & Results

What helped Breinco to stay alive in the crisis and to be on top was that they had a perception that was different each time they felt that the competitors were on the same stage and that’s what brandcelona®  did to helped them with through their journey.

Clients and architects always refer to Breinco as a company to buy from, because they trust their products and how they offer the wellbeing for the citizens. If they don’t find the products they need, Breinco will refer them to another company knowing that they will not be at their performance.

Breinco has increased from 8 millions to 24 millions ever since they have started rebranding and changing there perception about construction with the help of brandcelona. This is a huge achievement that have been done along the years.

brandcelona® worked a lot with Breinco along the years and it was one of their first clients. They have achieved with the help of the CB® methods  to merge the business side with the Design and branding side in order to give them the best outcome and plan a long-term efficient strategy that will help Breinco succeed through out there business journey.

Being able to apply the methods and adapt it to a new sector which is the urban furniture, and to change the perception of the business was a very interesting and challenging step taken by brandcelona In addition the strategies implemented along the crisis helped to save a business from failing, and that’s what CB® and brandcelona® offers to their clients: a long term strategy.

Summary of results

Safety in motion is the first trusted company in the security sector in Spain. It has always managed to be on top of its competitors because of the promise they offer to their clients and product experience given to a large audience.

Much of this incredible success and improvement of market share is done because of brandcelona´s help and the implementation of innovation that they have applied through out the time in order to succeed in the market.

Many of the incredibles results are confidential due to the customers request, but of those that can be shared, Safety in motion has achieved the following through out the years for instance after brandcelona® branded and implemented the CB® method on Maldonado which is one of Safety in motion company´s they trained their team by allowing each one of them to specialize and focus on different areas of knowledge depending on the role they have on each brand experience wich attracted more customers and raised the input to 214 thousand per employee which sums a up a total of 7,5 million euros in 2018.

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