Practical exercise

How to make a strategy with human capital?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.


Identify areas and protocols for a brand's human resources.

With the objective of understanding what type of actions must be carried out to achieve all the goals of the business organization.


People are the agents by which experiences can be given and communicated, as users we seek that the treatment is always appropriate and by which they allow to know faithfully and correctly each experience that is raised from the strategic center of the brand. Cyclical Branding® aims to establish that people are a focus of attention in a market that advances to automation, where machines will take the place of the production of services and people must transform our vision of work and understand that just as we can adapt to change.

In this order of ideas, we seek that the people who play any role within a business organization have defined its protocol and area, this allows to understand in a general way the strategy.

Strategic tool

Coaching strategic

In order to establish a brand strategy, we are going to carry out an analysis of areas which will allow us to correctly understand the current situation of the experience. To do this, we must first understand how the brand experience translates in relation to people and areas.



We will work with the infographics of coaching stategic that allows to understand in a visual way the development that has the brand, for it, it is important to find the relationship between brand, experience, area of work, protocol and actor. To do this, it is important to have a clear strategy to reduce risks.


We will describe the brand experience in the central circle of the infographics, this will give the exit and order to each axis that will be developed.


Each axis is composed by Area, Protocol and actor, the objective is to complete in a descriptive way each space with the adequate information to obtain the general vision of each section.

Results & Conclutions

This is an exercise that allows us to clearly understand how the experience and role of each actor is structured, with the objective of understanding that brand experiences are the precursor axis and thanks to people it can be reached. The main objective is to see in a coherent way how the brand is structured and how it is represented according to corporate values.

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