Practical exercise

Do you have a liquid experience?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the state of your liquid experience and understand that it must be improved.


Identify how the brand experience is articulated in each of the digital and analog formats.

With the objective of understanding what type of actions must be carried out to achieve all the goals of the business organization.


Branding is synonymous with coherence and that is why it is a priority to work on the brand experience in a liquid way, understanding how we extrapolate the message of the brand in the different channels that compose it. To do this, we have the opportunity to quickly assess the level of coherence of an experience. This in the first instance will help us to understand if the why and for what is being well executed in each strategic channel.

Strategic tool

Liquid experience

The objective is to evaluate the development of each channel and the elements that compose it, all under the parameter of experience. To achieve this, we must set 3 basic values that will be the parameter to measure the supports that communicate the brand experience in each channel. We must identify how each measurement value is reflected in each channel, looking for a way to see how this is formalized. To do this, we will work with the infographics of the analysis of liquid experience, which raises 5 possible scenarios / contact channels (Social media, Web, App, Call center & Brick & Mortal) These channels will allow us to understand how the user accesses the information and the way as a brand we are communicating our messages.



To begin with the development of the analysis, we must establish 3 values that are the precursors of the experience, and that thanks to them all the brand experience is being developed. Once we have this, we will begin the process.


We must locate and take into account the number of possible applications or resources available to make the experience tangible, and place each of them in the corresponding channel.


Once we have all the possible supports we must establish a score with a maximum of 10 points, all in relation to the 3 values that are the axis of experience.


The sum of total supports per channel should be made and divided into 10 to get the average.

Results & Conclutions

Once the averages for each channel have been obtained, the space corresponding to the band of each channel must be filled. The objective is to convey the meaning and message of the brand in each of the channels, and try to surpass at least half of each channel, this will give us as a conclusion if the strategies are satisfactory for the development of the experience at a liquid level, where the initial message is transformed strategically to reach the user.

Analysis formula

Cr = (Tm) / 3

Cr= Channel Range
Tm= Total media

Everything that is below 50% of each channel, must enter into a redesign or strategic rethinking that allows to measure the experience in an optimal way.

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