Global branding. A new direction for a new sector.

We designed a different brand vision for Our Lady of Victories parish in London. A branding vision that transforms the communication of an institution into a brand communication
CCO Cyclical Branding

CCO Cyclical Branding

Once again, we have shown that branding is a global communication tool for people and companies, without any exception. With Cyclical Branding® , we have developed a strategic visual communication project for a very unusual sector, where the creative industry now has very little scope. A challenge that, without a doubt, our team was slow to accept.


The parish of Our Lady of Victories, located in Kensington London, communicated to us a project of transformation and evolution in its sector that is very unusual for the creative industry with a strategic management approach. The main objective was to evolve from the vision of a descriptive symbol, to enter the strategic world of the brand and develop a strategy that would give a different tone of communication to this institution. All this respecting and accompanying the perception of the sector.


We live in the era of visual communication, so in response to this, we evolved the graphic representation of the OLOV parish, to a much fresher character, seeking to enter new channels of communication and giving movement and life to a brand of religious nature, without leaving aside its tradition and historical characteristic, but with the tools and tone to speak in a close and fresh.

Cyclical method

The process to start with the parish was to make an analysis of the perception of the sector to which it belongs and to make a list of objectives, which were the guide to uncheck us.

From this theoretical base, we started the development from the perspective of the brand module, seeking to provide solutions to the objectives previously set. At the level of cyclical development as an identity we developed a brand with a fresh style, thought and adapted to the off and on channel.

We are still working on the development of the new brand perspective for the OLOV parish, but we are happy to see how branding affects all sectors in a positive way.

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