Like-Minded People

Team is not the same as group. Multidisciplinarity allows you to share knowledge, optimize resources and increase quality and efficiency.
Cristian Ángel

Cristian Ángel

 Multidisciplinary team

People are more than profiles; attitudes, reactions and inspirations. People connected to overcome boundaries and divisions together, having a single and global approach to a situation. Interdisciplinarity is the engine built by the different parts and gears in our team. It is not the same as being multidisciplinary, as a team is not the same as a group.

To form a team with a people with whom you share values ​​and projection is what leads to 1 + 1 adding more than 2. Having and developing a professional profile must not be an objective, but a means to give your person a little more shape and give you the chance to be part of a group within society. It is important, in a team, to have professional profiles trained in different disciplines as long as they communicate with each other. If there is no communication, the sum 1 + 1 can be 0.

In an interdisciplinary team, communication allows sharing knowledge, optimizing resources and increasing the quality and efficiency of the intervention, causing growth at the individual level, triggering exponential global growth at the same time.

The work space, the environment and the resources of the day to day must be highly qualified to house a team and develop activities with the intention and versatility necessary to escape multidisciplinarity, where there are many professional profiles without communication, and go towards personal and group growth instead.

The spaces educate all those who interact with them and attitudes stick.

Communication is our best skill and the base of our day to day.

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