What is?

Cyclical Branding

The Cyclical Branding® is a management tool, that is put into practice gradually and constantly with the aim of fostering business evolution and development. This logical process of corporate transformation enables us to establish work processes that are viable and lasting, and to promote businesses from the 21st century, creating memorable user experiences.

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Cyclical process

The world is changing and we are part of this process, evolving with time in order to adapt to the new context we live in. Under this same premise, in which time, movement and space are the main concepts, we create a theory of strategic management about the progressive evolution of brands and the universe that contains them.

In our innovation lab, we have created a method, which is born from the need of seeking and establishing processes that help achieve success. During this constant process of evolution, we have come to understand that this system is the main piece of our philosophy, our workflow and of course our essence, as a company specialized in strategic brand leadership.

Core values

How to understand the process?


Think as an act of innovation linked to a real process that makes a difference in the market.


Design as a strategic tool that allows the vision of business and communication to work.


To audit as critical point of the strategic-creative process with optimal results which generate tangible benefits.

8 Strategic modules

Our method is a cyclical process of strategic development that unites design as a tool to create businesses.

This cyclical system consists on 8 fundamental strategic areas, from which a brand is created, developed and implemented, bearing in mind and taking into account every aspect that takes part in the development and growth of a brand with solid values and foundations.

Every module is presented as a solution to some strategic matters that have to be taken into account in order to generate a successful business for the 21st century. By adding more than 500 actions we speed up the path for evolution, to inspire your vision.

Discover the process



The brand is the most important asset of a company, and it’s the epicenter of a successful business model; The strategic management within the corporate planning is key to ensure traceability in the future.



We believe that digital development is a priority to understand terms such as the effectiveness or fluidity of information, in relation to this, we can create brands with technology as a tool of change.



The strategic brand universe is the starting point that leads us to success. The development of a brand is guided by its traceability. 



Corporate applications, which are strategically known as peripheral evidences, are the channel to communicate the inspirational, strategic and commercial approach of a brand. 



The tangible scenarios are a contact point between the users and the brand. Retail is one of the best ways to perceive the true branding essence and its strategic experience in a tangible way.



Products are an ephemeral component of a brand, they are the evidence of a lived experience, and it must be clear that they are not the epicenter of a business Products are constantly changing.



The package must work as a midpoint between the sales channel and it must also act as the leader of a coherentbrand thread.



Brands are built up with people, and they are what makes a brand capable of growing. The team within a brand is its direct human expression, and it’s the main channel for a clear representation of its values and lifestyle.

Do you want to know if you have a competitive brand?

Do you want to know if you have a competitive brand? We have a strategic process that allows us to evaluate brands from start to finish.



Auditing each process allows you to evolve in time. Audit is a system present in every other module, due to the fact that its the way to have a clear follow up in which the whole process is evidenced according to the initially proposed strategy.



This is an opportunity to get to know the design approach in the business world with a real impact that allows us to understand in a coherent way how to structure a business model, linked between the business vision and the communication vision.



Cyclical Manager’s certification allows us to understand the management approach of the design sector in the business world. To this end, the program offers a strategic vision that allows for an internal understanding of project management.



Creating real links between objectives and results is achieved thanks to a process and a global vision that allows us to understand the development of a project analysing its evolution, showing real results.

Case study

Design for safety​

From product to experience. The new way to understand the security sector. Discover the new trend about how blend business vision and the design as a method.

Case study

Smart cities’ design

Designing brands for smart cities. We transform the percepcion of the construction sector based on new technologies.