Graphic means where strategic messages are transmited


Cyclical Branding

*Visual management module

What is?

Applications are the vehicle from which a brand is communicated.

In the environment of communication it is very common to know the typical plans to make variety of applications seeking to have a plurality of media that contain the corporate or promotional message to be transmitted. But do we know which ones are really useful? Or at what point should we use them? This type of strategy allows us to clearly understand the strategy and the raison d’être of the applications that are developed for a brand.

A structured brand has a solid base from which the design processes established within each strategic universe are derived.

From our point of view and with Cyclical Branding® as a working methodology, we establish a logical process from which we establish a strategic plan linked to the 3 states of which the brand can have a relationship with the brand. This helps us to identify which is the right path, so we can establish a harmonious relationship between planning and budget, with the aim of making a coherent implementation at all times from where we can identify the useful tools and those that do not.

How we do it?

We work with Cyclical Branding® as a guide, there we must analyze the type of strategy that we must have clear who will be the end user, followed by this and according to the user we analyze according to the methodology if it is an operational or corporate application. We do this with the aim of knowing how to design information and ask for content to develop applications.

Once we have defined who and what, we must define when, for this we work with a tool that allows us to understand the supports that accommodate the brand experience in an enveloping way.

360º Experience and underutilized Tools

all the tools have a when and a where, we must make a process of analysis to improve.

Communication is based on the diversity of graphic pieces that are generated to make a message known and are the main vehicle that promotes the brand experience. In this way we understand that it is important to develop an experience thought in an enveloping way in which the brand as an information center must articulate intelligently each of the resources. To do this, it is important to have a solid strategy from which to enter into consideration the ideal time to use each of the tools.

Thanks to Cyclical Branding® as a working methodology, we offer methods that follow strategic stages that allow us to advance in a coherent way measuring the level of impact of each one of them.

Practical exercise

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