Practical exercise

How to design, manage and analyse communication tools?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.


Identify and design a coherent applications strategy for brand development

The goal is to understand the consistency of applications at the right time, to get the most out of them.


Create a gradual strategy that establishes a coherent path that allows you to implement an act of change or differentiation for your brand. From Cyclical Branding® we see the need to understand branding as a disruptive business model that allows us to see the point of view of design as the tool that provides value to any business organization. Brand perception, differentiation, impact or loyalty are goals that are reached by establishing the right methods, using communication tools at the right time with the right channel.

Strategic tool

360º experience

The objective is to analyze and design the strategy from which to implement the tools your brand needs to make known who you are, what you do or what you can offer to your audience. In order to do so, we must work on the basis of our 360º experience computer graphic that spatially analyzes the Before-During-After the brand experience. This will make us do a complete analysis of the amount of media we have and the way we use them.

Experience space-time.

To understand each stage of the experience we will define each according to the Cyclical Branding® methodology:

Before: We consider before any stage prior to direct contact with the brand, this means that we enter scenarios for channels with audiovisual content for social networks, development of knowledge posts for blogs or traditional advertising for traditional media such as TV, radio or press.

During: This is the simplest stage of all, here focuses the attention of the user in direct contact with the brand, at this point the user expects to see the development of the brand experience.

Before: Once the brand experience is over, it is important to establish a good strategy to establish a subsequent contact with the user. An example of this can be the use of reusable applications by the user which are part of their day to day, or provide them with knowledge in the form of posts or workshops that allow them to start the cycle once again.



To start the analysis process we must first make a general count of the total number of applications we have and divide them into operational and corporate, differ from each other according to the person who gives them usefulness. In the worksheets, you have a special section to cut the paper with special cards to identify each support.


Once we have the totality of supports, we must locate in each stage the type of support in the stage that corresponds in relation to the space-time of its function.


Dividing the supports into operational and corporate, this will establish an order to be able to analyze the type of content.


It can be that a support, this in more than one stage, for it, to write in the arranged line and to indicate in how many stages it is, to later join them. This process must be done to measure in a coherent way the applications that are used.

Results & Conclutions

This exercise allows us to understand in a graphic way the strategy that has been proposed in the space and time of the brand experience. The ideal is to structure a middle point between all the stages, a very common error is to decant all the efforts in the “During” section because it is the moment where the user has the attention in the brand experience. The important thing is to focus a 33% of importance to each stage, this in consequence will give us the hope of creating an enveloping experience.



Once the exercise is finished, it is ideal to see the strategy in a graphic way and start the design or redesign of each piece. This exercise also allows us to understand why and for what of each support, where new ideas also arose to develop new formats more agile and impacting.

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