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Cyclical Branding

*Corporate management module

What is?

The most important assets of a company... is it brand.

The brand is the most important asset of a company and is the epicentre of a successful business model; strategic management within corporate planning is key to ensuring traceability in the future.

A structured brand has a solid base from which the design processes established within each strategic universe are derived.

A structured brand has a solid base from which the design processes established within each strategic universe are derived.

The Brand module starts under the development of an idea and the implementation and creation of the brand universe; the naming, the development of a concept and the establishment of a category management, derived from the business units, are some of the concepts that make this stage a key moment within the prospective development of each brand.

We believe in brands as a conceptual unit in which inhabits the spirit of the business organization from which all actions are managed for the communication of a brand.

We see in our brand module the development of it as the business idea of an organization, which is responsible for dictating the rules of use and communication in the development of any field related to communication.

How we do it?

Everything begins under the interpretation and analysis of the case, there we do a process of exploration of ideas that allows us to understand first hand the why and what for the business development that is going to develop. After this, we enter to work with the module in concrete of the methodology of the Cyclical Branding® the way to approach the project.

For this, in the specific case of the brand module, we develop the core idea that allows us to understand how to enter into the strategic construction of the business model. We started this process by answering 3 questions: What were we? What are we? What will we be?

Practical exercise

Do you have a brand or a logo?

Do you want to know if you are communicating a brand or a logo? 

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.

Do you want to create a brand?
What kind of brand?

There are many types of brands and the strategic development linked to coherence makes the difference between having a brand or a logo.

We understand that any brand has a base that allows it to establish rules from which nuances such as values or the discourse implicit in it are distilled. To do this, we establish some basic parameters that allow us to understand under what type of characteristics we create each brand.

Do you need to create or audit your brand?

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