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Cyclical Branding

*Human resource management module

What is?

More humane brands for the 21st century.

People play an important role within business organizations, brands are by and for people and thanks to them success is achieved. The coaching area of Cyclical Branding® sees the way that human capital evolves at the same time as the brand, we seek to train and find the right methods to establish education processes that allow human capital to be in line with the principles of the brand.

The concept of Coaching comes from the need to relocate people in new objectives that allow to establish a balance between the automation of the companies and the human capital, since we look for that the brands in the 21st century are more human than ever.

People as actors of brand experiences

How we do it?

The Cyclical Branding® sees in people the focus of any strategic axis, from this methodology we seek to focus all efforts from the human perspeciva that must offer brands, good service and the development of experiences linked to the senses are tools by which branding works. To start it, we start the design of any experience seeing the brand and its values, followed by an analysis of the actor who will perform in any of the roles, then we analyze the spaces within the business organization where we perform training dynamics that allow each person to interpret and analyze their role point within the brand.

People as an asset of change

We create brands where human capital is the protagonist

We believe that people are the main asset to exert change, are the people who have the power to make or not successful to any brand, and are also the people in charge of making the brand experiences reach the right way to each client.

The role of the people who make up a team for a brand plays a crucial role in all the strategies that are developed, because we can structure a brand in an ideal way, make a perfect application development, create a commercial space with the best strategy and the best materials, but if the human resource does not fulfill its role correctly, everything that was done before is useless, because the customer’s perception will be bad, and because of that bad experience the whole brand concept fails.

Practical exercise

Is your human capital in line with your brand?

Do you know if your team is capable of communicating your brand experience?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.

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