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Cyclical Branding

*Communication management module

What is?

Packaging is now a new channel of communication that must be different and impactful.

Packaging, the container that gives visual and informative character to the products of the market, global context where Internet has opened a new breach to the concept of packaging in which its use adds value to the brand, is a new perspective from which the first impact of the brand is understood for the user. We see this new perception of value as the vehicle that promotes communication and contributes to the development of the brand experience.

The concept of packaging from the strategic perspective of the hand of design helps to establish a user-brand relationship, where concepts such as materials, form and function are valued by the user.

A structured brand has a solid base from which the design processes established within each strategic universe are derivederive to see tangible in a container of stories to see tangible in a container of stories.

How we do it?

Cyclical Branding® understands the concept of packaging as an independent module of a corporate application and independent of the product section due to the direct relationship that the same product container has with the user. We believe that the touch, the smell, the shape and the visual character of the package are factors that have a primary value and have a process of analysis and construction itself. 

To do this, whenever we start a packaging project, we start with the vision of the brand to extrapolate it to the packaging, then do the analysis of content, followed by a research process to make a process of design and sketch, where from it, a prototype is generated where materials are applied to analyze their feasibility and level of detail. Once the structural stage is finished, the visual layer is applied, which was determined in the design section, where all the details proposed to fulfill the brand experience are analyzed.

How to build a branding packaging experience?

Packages are no longer just boxes, they are containers of expectations and stories.

The online purchase is the first asset that is encouraged the use of packaging as a shipping tool, and the criterion of the quality of a product is judged since we have the packaging in our hands. In the expectation that we intend to build about a product, packaging plays a major role, and that is that now is not just a matter of putting the content in a box and put an address. Telling stories from an object is the main objective of a brand, having a clear message that captivates and is different for the user is the key to success, details that allow a brand to gain market share in a competitive and very demanding context.

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