Practical exercise

Do you have a strategy for your packaging system?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.


Identify and design a strategy for the brand's packaging system taking into account the brand experience.

With the objective of understanding what type of actions must be carried out to achieve all the goals of the business organization.


Branding packaging experience is the new aspect in which, from the packaging as an object, must be created in an intelligent and intuitive way to create a high level of expectation, with the aim of generating interaction between the user and the brand, for this, it is important to have the parameters of form-function-history-materials-message clear, these are axes from which we undertake the conceptualization and construction of a pack.

Strategic tool

Packaging axes development

In order to create a package that has the basic characteristics of how to generate desire and interest in the market, we must first understand that from the perspective of Cyclical Branding® the use of packaging is considered as a strategic tool that generates an impact and meets certain objectives in benefit of creating a desirable brand experience, therefore, the objective will be to understand, interpret and design a package with a solid message that can identify the brand quickly.



We will work with our packaging strategic analysis tool, this pentagon, divided into form-function-history-materials-message allows us to create a step-by-step how to structure a packaging for a product in a coherent way opting for a logical process of development and management.


In each section of the pentagon we must write in a descriptive way how our packaging fulfills each section, that is to say, in the story that tells the packaging between the graphic, the function and the form. In message, we must specify the message that the packaging intends to fulfill and it does in a consecutive way with each one of the devices.


We must make an evaluation of each segment of the pentagon, giving a score of 1 to 5 to each of them. This will help us to understand in a visible way which strategy has the development carried out.

Results & Conclutions

In order to identify if we have a solid and stable development, we must carry out the evaluation process that allows us to understand the current packaging point. The idea is to surpass the average of the three points, with it, we will be able to make a visual image of the strategic development that has the packaging, the ideal is to compare if the initial objective that we have in step 1 and 2 resembles the reality of the packaging that we are creating.

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