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Cyclical Branding

*Material management module

What is?

Products are a tool that helps strengthen brand meaning.

Products are undoubtedly the basis of any business model, they are participants in the experience and are one of the main evidences that a client of a brand has. From the perspective of Cyclical Branding® as a working methodology, we understand the product version in two ways, the first of them understood in a traditional way as a physical product: a key, a piece of furniture or any other variation, we design and think the material, the usability and even the packaging understood by the cyclical as another module. But, on the other hand, with the arrival of the Internet and globalization we understand the development of digital content or services as digital products, entering the paradigm of software as services “SaaS” have accentuated this new modality also understood from a strategic point of view. Therefore, the concept of physical or digital product is approached from the perspective of usability and application within a corporate plan.

An enveloping strategy for a product gives it value in a competitive market.

How we do it?

We must start from the perspective that Cyclical Branding® as a working methodology does not see the product as the axis of brands, we move away from the focused and primary vision of creating hemispheres around a product. Instead, we create products that nourish the brand with meaning. To do this, we begin the process by analyzing the What we are going to do, followed by the How to unite it with the vision of the brand. In general, we emphasize a specific brand development for the product. Once this process is finished, we make a design and sketch process where the process of research and development of ideas is done, to later start the prototyping and usability stage. As a conclusion and after the stages that determine the character, form, function and usability of the product, we design a strategy to launch the product to the market, seeking to find the ideal way to fit in with potential users.

Delivers an experience, not just a product

New users with buying power are looking for products with history, meaning and experiences.

We live in an environment where achieving the ability to amaze is no easy task, where the expectation of users in relation to a product is much broader, and where the design is playing the role of manager and creator of the experience in order to meet that expectation.  For this, it is important to bear in mind that whether it is a physical product or a digital product, the strategy proposed for the launch and maintenance of the product is important.

For the Cyclical Branding® focused as work methodology for brands that want to be managers of change and want to be references in the market, has a vision in which the products must be articulated with a coherent strategy in which they evolve from commodity to experience, under a series of elements that allow you to identify where you are and what you should have to get to provide an experience.

Practical exercise

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