Practical exercise

How to build an experience for a product?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your product, and understand from it that it must improve.


The main goal of this exercise is to understand, design and manage the environment that must be created for the life projection of a product.

With the objective of understanding what type of actions must be carried out to achieve all the goals of the business organization.


The current market asks us as business organizations to understand that the demand or needs of users are those that generate trends, the use of certain materials or visual tools are used thanks to the conclusions of thousands of users, not to go too far and understand a market conditioner understood as a trend, we see tangible in the use of recycled materials, or the concept of “sustainability” as an axis for any product that comes to market, a trend that 20 or 30 years ago was not paramount due to little environmental care and therefore did not affect the purchase decision. Why is this? The answer is linked to the concept of dematerialization of society and how a new generation emerges in which care and environmental responsibility is a differentiating factor when making a purchase, a product that therefore must have a history and a communication strategy that lets us see what, how and why of the product.

Mixed Experience Products

With the arrival of the internet and the use of mobile devices, we are entering an era in which products have evolved where in the first instance they are not necessarily tangible, an example of this is shared mobility, brands that have been born under the same concept of sustainability and environmental care that have changed the perception of mobility and the use of it. Right now, we live in a point where, for example, a shared use motorcycle and the application from which they are acquired are two products, one tangible and the other digital that confirm a brand experience, where each of them is implicit in the same story and brand values that become tangible in different supports and points of view.

Strategic tool

Product envoriment

In order to understand the point of view of the Cyclical Branding product module, we will work under strategic axes that will help us to understand how to articulate a strategy in benefit of a product, taking into account the levels from which we can approach it with the objective of moving from commodity as a simple launch of a channel or tool to provide an experience.



We will work with the help of the tool of analysis of the environment of the product, for it we will make the evaluation of the product under 4 axes (Story, visual, diferentiation, Loyalty), in 3 levels of depth that will give us the score to know the level of the experience.


The objective is to locate in each perimetral line of each axis a tool in which one is working to carry out that objective, example, in the Visual axis in the first perimetral line the photographic aspect is worked, because it is emphasizing in a specific use or style of the product.


In that same axis, we must give a numerical value to the development in value that is indicated in each axis, this we will do it of the center outwards and filled with another color to see of graphical way the development that we have.


To make an average of all the resources that are being put in value, we will do it adding all the possible supports and dividing them in 3 to reach the maximum score when making the average.

Results & Conclutions

To have the final result of the score we must do two things: The first is to add the total number of sections to get the value we need to exceed for each, that is, if we use 25 sections we must make a scale of three sections with maximum scores from 0 to 25 for commodity, from 25 to 50 for service and from 50 to 75 for experience. This will help us to identify the scale we are on.
As a second step, we must add the maximum score we have of each one, this will give us a mean that we must divide in 3 to obtain the average in which we are.

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