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Cyclical Branding

*Spacial management module

What is?

How does a 4-wall space become a contender for a desirable brand experience?

Spaces are the main support center that drives the communication that a user can have in relation to a brand. That is why the concept of “Retail” from the perspective of branding is different, is seen and interpreted as an implicit point of contact within a brand experience and the strategic development of a business organization.

From this point of view, we see Retail development understood as the opportunity to give face and voice to the brand, from this concept we create brand experiences with the help of layouts inside that allows all the concepts that are outlined in the brand strategy to become reality. It is at this point where factors such as visual or sensory come into play, is where the use of material or​ fragances come to test, in front of the end customer as a person who will live the experience and make a value judgement from it.

Spaces are a visual impact tool where a brand becomes tangible.

How we do it?

Making a commercial or corporate space is not an easy task, the process of creation and analysis for the implementation is guided from the base of the brand as the axis and epicenter of development, from which decisions are made and the strategy to be shown is outlined. To do this, we articulate the experience taking into account and defining what will happen with the theater, understood as the container of experience; the stage as the layouts that will help us and confirm the visual appearance inside the space; the actor as the human resource that will act as a human component and personify the values and relationships between user and brand; finally, the script is the protocol that is established for each action that is performed within the brand space. All of this allows for the strategic and coherent development of a corporate space under the Cyclical Branding® methodology.

Retail experience, from intagible to tangible

To make tangible ideas that allow to live the experience is the main objective.

The spaces that are referents in the market are structured under 4 basic concepts that allow them to articulate a coherent brand experience, these four concepts that are theater, stage, actor and script are the bases from which they begin to design the necessary strategies to understand how to make a commercial or corporate space.

For Cyclical Branding®, retail is a point of contact in which many of the factors of a brand become tangible, influencing colors, materials, smells and even the human relationship between the user and the brand’s staff. That is why it is relevant to dimension the role played by this point of contact since it is equally important to design spaces for the users of a brand as for the same staff that works for its benefit.

Practical exercise

How to design a retail strategy?

Creating a different space is based on the design and management of 4 concepts

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your retail space, and understand from it that it must improve.

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