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Cyclical Branding

*Strategic management module

What is?

Category management is a tool that allows brands to enter plurality.

Today’s market lives on brands, brands that must offer added value to their users. In order to achieve this, business organisations must understand that the diversification of services will provide a new enveloping vision from which they will no longer see from a single central point but will enter into the idea of plurality.

The positioning seen from a strategic perspective in which the development of different products/services is focused allows brands to be seen as subdivided organisms in an intelligent and efficient way.

A structured brand has a solid base from which the design processes established within each strategic universe are derived.

How we do it?

We start with the brand as the epicenter to understand and design the diversification of the business organization, from this, we bring to each phase an inherited identity and find a position within the organization, this allows us to understand that branding as a business model focuses on the idea of transformation. For us, brands are based on business values and ideals that seek to be different and generate impact in the sector in which they operate.

We believe that the diversification of the brand will help sub-brands structures that allow to have a much wider spectrum of impact, with which you can opt for the specialization of areas or specialized or personalized service with a view to loyalty.

Brand universe

Having a brand universe helps to offer a plurality of services in a coherent way.

As brand users we seek to find in them integral solutions that allow us to establish circles that focus on trust, under the principle of quality and good service, within this process seen from the opposite perspective, as brand managers, efforts are focused on creating brand universes that focus on the specialization of services or products to be offered, this in turn allows us to create various scenarios from which we can face different solutions for the same customer, in order to be part of his life. For this, it is important to take into account the general vision of the brand and the use of each sub-brand under the specific communication channels that allow you to extend your communication in a coherent manner.

Practical exercise

Do you have a brand universe?

Do you want to know if you have a brand universe? 

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.

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