Practical exercise

Do you have a brand universe?

Through this practical exercise, you can quickly understand the current state of your brand, and understand from it that it must improve.


Identify whether the business model follows the communication parameters of a brand or logo.

With the objective of understanding what type of actions must be carried out to achieve all the goals of the business organization.


First we must have clear brand values, we must understand that for Cyclical Branding® brands are living organisms, which are transformed and evolve in the same way as people do, in which is implicit a process of learning and constant change taking as a reference everything built. The brands of the 21st century understand that they must be built on what is built to improve each service or product generated for the market. This means that Cyclical Branding® believes that the plurality of services makes the functioning of a brand more efficient.

In order to establish a coherent brand universe, we are going to work with the computer graphic that allows us to establish the development of the brand universe, this consequently allows us to establish in a logical way the way to establish an organization chart from which the areas of specialization of the business organization will be projected, taking into account the suitable communication channel for each one of them.

Strategic tool

Brand universe

The strategic tool of the brand universe is divided into two steps which allow us to understand the way to create a sub-brand and the way to understand its location within the business universe. To do this, we will have to bring the values of the main brand to be able to coherently distill the creation and meaning of the new sub-brands. The computer graphic is divided into its main part in 3 main cores, the first of them, is the main brand there we will visualize the values, mission and vision of the same that allows us to establish.



We will work under the development of computer graphics to know how to create and structure in an organization chart the sub-brands of specialized services that give plurality to the strategic development of a brand. To this end, the exercise of the brand universe is divided into two stages that we will develop under the following criteria.


First we must work with the sheet Nº1 of the exercise, for it we will structure the beginning of a new sub-brand for it, we must define the values of the new mission that the mark will have, its values in similarity with the general values of the mark, we will make a development of mark and we will develop the visual aspects of the mark, among them, color like more important factor of differentiation.


We will locate the sub-brands in each space destined for it, and in addition to this we will define the channels through which we will establish the strategic development of each sub-brand. This will help us to understand graphically how many specialized sub-brands we can have, fulfilling the objective of plurality.

Results & Conclutions

Once the exercise is over, we will be able to see the strategic development of the brand in a tangible way. This allows us to understand and prove that the concept of plurality and diversification of the services or products of a brand, where the surrounding vision for the client is complete and allows us to have a viability of being in the life of each one of the users.

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