Trends research

We can develop the three main phases: design, data collection and data analysis. Those phases can be integrated of separatedly.

Our studies provide clear insights and new perspectives of customers and of dynamic markets

Our services

Data Analysis

We analyze and interpret all the data collected, seeking to find a relationship between user-brand-market.

Data Collection

We actively collect data to understand how and why the market behaves, looking for ways to extract new trends.


We design strategies linked to the strategic positioning and leadership of benchmark brands in the market, focusing on the brand as the axis of development.

Our research's field

User's analysis

Consumption and purchase habits

We believe that the analysis of consumer habits that result in the purchase of a particular product / service of a brand, are crucial to know the degree of effectiveness and benefit for the future.

Consumer or customer profile

Create strategic profiles with the objective of understanding the user of each brand, allows a direct dialogue and limited to the reality of investment and return of a new business model in an emerging market

Customer satisfaction

People are the basis of any brand, so it is a priority to know if the relationship between promise and expectation is being fulfilled effectively. To do this, it is important to generate analytical processes that function as consistent communication channels that allow to understand customers' perception

Customer experience

Experiences are the clear commitment of brands to generate loyalty with their users, but it is even more important to establish a strategic plan and make analysis to understand the level of effectiveness of both the overall experience and each of the pieces that be part of the experience.

Brand's analysis

Brand image and brand equity

The analysis of the value of a brand together with the social perception at the image level allows us to understand under which principles a business model represented by a brand should be created and articulate the basis for management.

Design, development and launching of new products or services

The launch of any product or service must be a rational process that must be executed with a theoretical base that guarantees the design, development or launch of any product or service, in this way we can have real metrics of each of them.

Market's analysis

Marketing activities effectiveness

Measuring the impact of certain actions that are generated in favor of communication should be a priority for any brand. As a result, we will be able to identify any undervalued resources we may have.


To actively and objectively analyze the competition is an exercise that allows us to understand where we are and what action plan must be executed to continue advancing and become a reference in the market. Real metrics tools allow us to clearly and optimally highlight and understand the current situation of the organization in the market.