About us

Marc Guitart


Cross-sectional designer and brand consultant. Founded brandcelona® in 2006 and brandlond® in 2018, a business strategic consultancy agency. Combining integral design and consultancy services with university teaching. Marc Guitart has been awarded throughout his career with several national and international prizes, and also teaches and gives lectures in different universities nationally and internationally since 2002.

Brand coaching

-Westmister. Retail Tour London (UK), 2019
-Pharmaceutical Group. Retail Tour Shanghai (China), 2019
-Universidad Externado. Design Thinking. Bogotá (Colombia), 2018.
-Pharmaceutical Group. Retail Tour. Berlin (Germany), 2017.
-Brandcelona. Retail Tour. Copenhagen (Denmark), 2017.
-Taller 5 Colombia. Retail Tour Barcelona (Spain), 2017.
-IED São Paulo. Retail Tour Barcelona (Spain), 2017.
-INN. Brand Coaching. Madrid (Spain), 2017.
-IED Barcelona. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2017.
-IED Cagliari. Design Thinking. Barcelona (Spain), 2017.
-IED Madrid. Cyclical Branding Workshop & Retail Tour. Madrid (Spain), 2017.
-Brandcelona. Retail Tour. Milan (Italy), 2016.
-Grupo Colonial. Retail Tour. Stockholm (Sweden), 2016.
-IED Barcelona. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2016.
-ABIT Brasil. Innovative Branding. Barcelona (Spain), 2016.
-Universidad Externado. Design Thinking. Bogota (Colombia), 2016.
-NER GROUP. Retail Tour. Berlin (Germany), 2016.
-INN. Brand Coaching & Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2016.

-SWAROVSKI. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2016.
-Brandcelona. Retail Tour. Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2015.
-ACCENTURE Woolworths. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2015.
-INN. Retail Tour. Berlin (Germani), 2015.
-Grupo Colonial. Retail Tour. Copenhagen (Denmark), 2015.
-IED Barcelona. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2015.
-ACCENTURE Woolworths. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2015.
-BRANDLOYALTY. Retail Tour “Inspiration”. Barcelona (Spain), 2015.
-Brandcelona. Retail Tour. Barcelona (Spain), 2015.
-ATOM Education. Service Design & Retail Tour Bogota (Colombia), 2014.
-PHF. Retail Tour. New York (EE.UU), 2014.
-Grupo Colonial. Retail Tour. London (UK), 2013.
-Universidad Interamericana de Panamá. Cyclical Branding. Ciudad
de Panamá (Panamá), 2012.Pharmaceutical Group